Igal Sarfaty, Partner – Strategic Management

Mr. Sarfaty is a Managing Member of SB Pacific Group, LLC., which was co-founded in 1986. Mr. Sarfaty is responsible for strategic management of the firm, as well as identifying, evaluating, and selecting investment opportunities for SB Pacific Group, LLC.

Prior to founding SB Pacific Group, Mr. Sarfaty used his entrepreneurial skills to establish several small companies, including a contracting business. He has held a real estate license since 1989. His experience as a contractor and his eye for opportunity have helped Mr. Sarfaty negotiate lucrative real estate transactions that have created lasting value.

Yuval Bobrovitch, Partner – Construction Management & Oversight

Mr. Bobrovitch is a Managing Member of SB Pacific Group, LLC. which he co-founded in 1986. Mr. Bobrovitch is responsible for oversight of construction projects and is involved in site analysis, design development, and construction management.

Mr. Bobrovitch has extensive experience in the construction and renovation of multifamily residential and commercial properties. He is a general contractor, and has supervised all of the early projects in the SB Pacific Group, LLC. portfolio. Through his diligence, Mr. Bobrovitch sets goals and standards for prospective property’s renovations.

Brandon Lo Porto, Partner – Acquisitions

Mr. Lo Porto was added as a partners to SB Pacific Group, LLC. in 2014 after 16 years in the multifamily industry. Mr. Lo Porto has extensive experience in acquisitions and brokerage in multiple states. He has the knowledge and skills required to identify market drivers that provide consistent property performance. He has been involved with multiple value-add projects where construction, renovation, and transition management is required to enhance property.

Mr. Lo Porto is responsible for identifying potential acquisition opportunities and seeing the opportunity through to closing.